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                 FAIR OAKS FARMS

                Fair Oaks, Indiana



          I didn't know how much fun dairy could be!  At Fair Oaks

          Farms you can milk simulated cows, play interactive games

          and even watch baby cows being born!


          For More information, click here



Welcome to Fair Oaks Farms!



Hey!  This place is FUN!


The big building on the left is filled with cool

and fun things to do - and on the right is the

birthing barn!
















     This cow is in the birthing barn.  She

gets extra care because she is about

to have a baby!



This is the cheese factory!  I wasn't allowed to

go in here because they make food.  Will

someone please bring me some cheese?

     I guess I'll just have to be happy

     with this empty ice cream dish!




Food, fun and learning all in one place?

It's an awesome time at Fair Oaks Farms!

I'm happy to say Fair Oaks Farms is

Mr. Pish Approved!




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© K. S. Brooks 2011