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                 WOLF PARK

                Battle Ground, Indiana



          There's lots to do at Wolf Park!  You can watch the wolves

          play, take pictures and learn things from wolf experts!


          For More information, click here



Welcome to Wolf Park!



Wow.  What a pretty wolf!


Wolves play a lot like dogs do.  Sometimes

they'll run and chase and jump like I do!














         I even got to see them roll around 

& howl.  It was fun watching them!




Click on the howling wolf below to watch a quick

video of wolves at Wolf Park.  I wonder if I can

learn to howl like that?




Wolf Park is a special place to go for a nice walk and watch wolves.

I learned how to tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote,

and lots of other important things about wolves.

Wolf Park is Mr. Pish Approved!




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