Welcome to the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Well I have never seen anything like this before. On the outside, the theatre looks nice, but wait until you see the inside – you won’t believe it!Capitol Theatre IMG_8142Being inside the Capitol Theatre is like being in a castle. I can imagine Kings and Queens sitting in the balconies! And right here, I imagine a sword fight happening or a princess coming down these stairs. Can’t you?Capitol Theatre IMG_8126Over the years, people in those seats got to see famous acts like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and more!Capitol Theatre IMG_8114I think I would feel like a king watching anything on stage from here.Capitol Theatre IMG_8117The Capitol Theatre is just spectacular!  I know, that’s a big word for a little dog. I feel very lucky that I got a special tour. I hope I can go back some day! It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

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