Mr. Pish Approved Products

I’m very picky about what I recommend to people. I’ve been to every place or tried every product that I recommend. It must promote outdoor learning and literacy or dog welfare. So when I find something I really think is awesome, I want to let everyone know about it! Have you ever seen any of these products? If you haven’t, check them out!

Fundana Bandanas are Mr. Pish Approved


The “Walk in the Woods” Fundana is an excellent companion for my book, Mr. Pish’s Woodland Adventure! There are lots of other Fundanas to choose from – they even have some for dogs! Check out all the cool Fundana products at


Delicious real cheese snacks for dogs!


Well I got a hold of that bag and wouldn’t let go! These treats came from the good people at All Dogs Big and Small where they sell eco-friendly products for pooches! You’ll find all sorts of good stuff for dogs at

Of course you can always purchase cool gifts and merchandise with my furry face on them at my Zazzle store!