Fort Steele Heritage Town, British Columbia, Canada

FORT STEELE HERITAGE TOWN, British Columbia, Canada

Fort Steele is so much fun!  You can pretend you’re back in time, you can see a real working farm with all the cool animals and you can enjoy a train or wagon ride!

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Fort Steele 1

Welcome to Fort Steele! Pet friendly? Super!

fort steele pish bathI really enjoyed the gift shop. But whose idea was it to try to give me a bath?

Fort Steele 2I think my favorite place was the stable!

fort steele stable

There were so many neat smells in there:  leather & wood & hay & even a cat!

Fort Steele 3

Although this building was pretty cool!

Mr. Pish Approved

With all the history, farm animals and cool things to do I’m happy to say Fort Steele is Mr. Pish Approved!