Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, Alberta, Canada


Wow.  Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is like stepping back into pioneer days.  Imagine what it was like coming to this area over 100 years ago!
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Kootenai Brown Antique CarKootenai Brown was a frontiersman who lived here in Alberta and in Montana.  Now he has a cool museum named after him.

Kootenai Brown teepeeI got to experience different cultures…

Kootenai Brown mud houseThis primitive house is what the pioneers who first settled here built and lived in.

Kootenai Brown buggyI like to ride in style!

Kootenai Brown HouseThese buildings are over 100 years old!
Kootenai Brown VillageThere were so many cool buildings to explore.  They also have a skating rink in the winter, and gardens in the summer.  There’s always lots to do here!

Mr. Pish Approved

With all the history, farm animals, and cool things to do I’m happy to say Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is Mr. Pish Approved!