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Dog of the Week: Maggie

My name is: Maggie

How’d I get that name?  The hooman thought long and hard and came up with a list of names and then asked people’s opinions, and Maggie was the one everyone liked! He calls me the Magster, too. I don’t know what that means, but he laughs when he says it. I was glad when he changed it from NO DON’T EAT THAT, because he always said that really loud.

Age: Well, I don’t usually like to give my age, being a lady and all, but between you and me, I’ll be seven in January. Don’t I look good for my age? Exercise. Clean living. And lots of dancing. Those are my secrets.

Breed: I’m mostly Black Labrador, but my real breed is “rescue,” so there are other things mixed in, like a good stew! The hooman usually says I’m a Black Lab/Philosopher mix, because I’m a thinker and a writer! I co-wrote a book with my brother Angelo! It’s called Mindful Dogs, and all the cute pictures inside are of me. I mean, there are other pictures, but the cute ones are of me.

Favorite Treat: I prefer Milk Bones dog biscuits. And bacon. And the occasional chipmunk.

Favorite Adventure: Digging. It’s the best exercise. I believe in digging. You can keep your pilates and yoga and stuff, I’ll just keep digging.  maggie-dirks