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Dog of the Week: Angelo

My name is: Angelo

How’d I get that name? I showed up on the hooman’s doorstep when he really needed a friend, and he called me an angel. Then he was talking to a friend of his about how he couldn’t let another dog in his life because he’d just lost his dog Suki. His friend told him that dogs are like Jello; there’s always room for more. The hooman, being a clever writer, put Angel together with Jello, and I became Angelo.

Age: We’ll celebrate my 11th birthday on October 3, even though we don’t know my real birthday. That was the day I first graced the hooman with my presence in 2006, and the vet said I was about a year old then.

Breed: I’m a Border Collie. They say we’re the smartest breed and have a larger vocabulary than other dogs. That’s important, because I write books. My latest one is called Mindful Dogs, and it’s a picture book I co-authored with the hooman and my sister Maggie. That’s me on the cover.

Favorite Treat: Well, I have a fondness for bacon, but dried liver is good, too!

Favorite Adventure: Living out here in the middle of nowhere, I take the hooman on lots of long walks so we can see sunrises and sunsets and mountains and stuff. He needs a lot of exercise.angelo-book