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Welcome to Capitol Reef National Park in Torrey, Utah.

There is lots to do at Capitol Reef National Park!  You can explore cool canyons, watch wildlife and even see messages carved into the cliff walls from over a thousand years ago!Capitol Reef National Park crIMG_1463Check out my short and really awful video about Capitol Reef National Park!

The cliffs and rocks here are all different colors.Capitol Reef National Park crIMG_1504I saw lots of deer and even a huge ground squirrel here!Capitol Reef National Park crIMG_0253There are lots of hiking trails…come and try one out!Capitol Reef National Park crIMG_1533Capitol Reef National Park is definitely one of my favorite places.  I thought the petroglyphs were some of the coolest things ever! You can walk and explore…and watch wildlife. Capitol Reef National Park is definitely
Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Capitol Reef National Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to the Natural Bridge in … Natural Bridge, Alabama.

The Natural Bridge is a beautiful place to go for a walk! You can see how powerful the force of water is here – because it carved this bridge millions of years ago! Check out my special video about the Natural Bridge!

200 million years ago is a very long time! I can’t wait to look at the rocks
and see where the water washed parts away!
I’m standing in the cave under the natural bridge! This is a very cool place to have an adventure!Natural Bridge 2Mr. Pish ApprovedWell I think I’d like to visit the Natural Bridge every weekend! The air is cool under the bridge. What a good place to be in the summer! The Natural Bridge is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on the Natural Bridge, click here.

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