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Dog of the Week: Mr. Pish

I figured I’d start the series by going first!

Name: Mr. Pish

How’d I get that name? The first lady who had me liked to give her dogs Yiddish names, and named me Pisher. Then she gave me to my driver, David. When David met my secretary, she said that I walked with a big dog strut, and that I should be referred to as Mr. Pish. And the rest is history.

Age: I turned 16 in 2013.

Breed: Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier (purebred)

Favorite Treat: Everything. Honest!

Favorite Adventure: Swimming anywhere and everywhere. I’ve gone swimming in rain forests, three Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Lawrence and other famous rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, at National Parks, and more. I can’t even remember them all! But I loved them.

Mr. Pish at Ruby Beach 2