Welcome to Antelope Island State Park in Syracuse, Utah.

I’ve never been anywhere like this before!  Antelope Island is amazing!  Are you ready for a big adventure??Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_1922Is this bison real?Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_0273I bet this bison’s real!  There are over 500 of them!Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_0283And lots of antelope, too!Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_0337You can picnic or camp or just stand around like this bunny! Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_1944And you can see the Great Salt Lake!Antelope Island State Park aiIMG_1928I couldn’t believe how much wildlife I saw at Antelope Island State Park.  You can hike or bike or horseback ride or camp or picnic or drive the island. What a great place to get outside and explore! It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

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