Welcome to Carillon Park & the Wright Brothers Aviation Center in Dayton, Ohio.

Carillon Park kept me interested for hours!  I got to see lots of Dayton history, including the Wright Brothers, many other cool inventions, and lots more! Carillon Historical Park IMG_8006This is the Newcomb Tavern. It was built in 1796!!newcomb tavern IMG_7994Did you know that the Wright Brothers were from Dayton, Ohio?
Can you believe they actually got this plane to fly? I don’t think I’m that brave!wright brothers plane IMG_8009This house was built out of limestone back in 1815. carillon historical park IMG_7996Does anyone know what time it is by any chance? carillon historical park IMG_8020Can you imagine if your mail carrier delivered your mail in this?! Carillon Historical Park IMG_8026

I enjoyed stepping back in time at Carillon Park! I even got to pretend I was helping the Wright Brothers invent their planes.  Now that’s super cool and Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Carillon Historical Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved