Welcome to Clayton Lake State Park in Clayton, New Mexico.

At Clayton Lake State Park you can see ancient dinosaur tracks!
There are over 500 of them recorded here!Clayton Lake State Park CLIMG_0096

You can go for a nice walk around the reservoir.clayton lake state park CLIMG_0077That will lead you to the Dinosaur Trackway!!!!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0095Look at the size of that fossilized dinosaur print!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0092

Here’s a whole trail of dinosaur tracks! clayton lake state park CLIMG_0085aIf you look at the hillside, you’ll notice tons of lava rocks from a volcano!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0079

There’s lots to do at Clayton Lake State Park: fishing, hiking, bird watching, boating and of course discovering dinosaur tracks! My favorite part is that pets are welcome! Clayton Lake State Park is definitely Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Clayton Lake State Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved