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Welcome to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware.

At Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, you can see all sorts of wildlife and scenery even during the Winter!welcome to bombay hook IMG_8634

I saw two foxes…bombay hook fox IMG_7624

And swans…bombay hook swans IMG_7541And great blue herons…bombay hook great blue heron IMG_7593

And migrating geese!  I also saw ducks, eagles, hawks, and bunnies! migrating geese at bombay hook IMG_7562The scenery was beautiful, too!Bombay Hook scenery IMG_8642With all its nature trails, observation towers, great scenery, and lots of wildlife,
Bombay Hook NWR is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana.

I didn’t know how much fun dairy could be!  At Fair Oaks Farms you can milk simulated cows, play interactive games, and even watch baby cows being born! Hey! This place is FUN!mr pish with a cow IMG_7847

The big building on the left is filled with cool and fun things to do – and on the right is the birthing barn!fair oak farms IMG_7859This cow is in the birthing barn.  She gets extra care because she is about to have a baby!pregnant cow fair oaks farm IMG_7840This is the cheese factory!  I wasn’t allowed to go in here because they make food.  Will someone please bring me some cheese? cheese factory fair oaks farm IMG_7854I guess I’ll just have to be happy with this empty ice cream dish!mr pish at fair oaks farms IMG_7866Food, fun and learning all in one place? It’s an awesome time at Fair Oaks Farms!
I’m happy to say Fair Oaks Farms is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Fair Oaks Farms, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Baltimore, Maryland.

I really loved my time at Fort McHenry.  It’s a great place to see a real piece of American history, to go for a walk along the water, and learn about our National Anthem!fort mchenry ftIMG_8103

This fort helped defend our country during the war of 1812!cannons at fort mchenry ftIMG_8093

You can see the Key Bridge which was named after Francis Scott Key who wrote the National Anthem right there!!key bridge from fort mchenry ftIMG_8060

You can see all sorts of ducks and waterfowl from the nice walking path!ducks at fort mchenry ftIMG_8070

If you want, you can pay to go inside the fort. If that’s not in your budget, you can walk the trail around the fort for free!  The short movie in the welcome center is free, too.

And dogs are welcome!

Fort McHenry is DEFINITELY Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Fort McHenry, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to the Natural Bridge in … Natural Bridge, Alabama.

The Natural Bridge is a beautiful place to go for a walk! You can see how powerful the force of water is here – because it carved this bridge millions of years ago! Check out my special video about the Natural Bridge!

200 million years ago is a very long time! I can’t wait to look at the rocks
and see where the water washed parts away!
I’m standing in the cave under the natural bridge! This is a very cool place to have an adventure!Natural Bridge 2Mr. Pish ApprovedWell I think I’d like to visit the Natural Bridge every weekend! The air is cool under the bridge. What a good place to be in the summer! The Natural Bridge is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on the Natural Bridge, click here.

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