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Welcome to Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Vian, Oklahoma.

Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9495You can hike their nature trails or drive their auto route… or both! I couldn’t believe all the wildlife I saw at Sequoyah NWR! There’s lots of water here, which is great for migrating birds and waterfowl!Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9496I saw thousands of snow geese and tons of ducks!Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9771This kingfisher let me take his picture!Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9841I saw a muskrat, but obviously there are beavers here!Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9838I saw hawks and eagles, and even this eagle nesting!Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge sqIMG_9856I had a great time exploring at Sequoyah NWR. This was one of the best wildlife stops in my trip.  With almost 21,000 acres to explore near where the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers meet – you’re bound to see something! And it’s Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Red Rock Canyon State Park in Hinton, Oklahoma.

There I was, driving along pretty farm country when BAM! The road started going down and the next thing I knew I was in a beautiful Red Rock Canyon!red rock canyon rrIMG_9606There are lots of cool things to explore here!red rock canyon rrIMG_9581Some people go climbing or camping or just rock canyon rrIMG_9565They have really nice picnic areas here too.  red rock canyon rrIMG_9571Red Rock Canyon was really fun to explore! You can ride your bicycle here or go hiking or use the swimming pool during the summer. It’s a great place to go for a walk…and don’t forget to bring your dog! It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Red Rock Canyon State Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm in Dayton, Ohio.

At Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, I got to explore inside and out, and discovered so many neat things.
It’s not just about birds! aullwood audubon center IMG_7985

I had a fantastic time in the Discovery Center.Where else could I meet a badger up close?aullwood audubon center IMG_7949Over at the farm, I met so many different animals, including goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and even a cat! aullwood audubon centerIMG_7955And who could forget this handsome fellow?aullwood audubon center IMG_7958Of course, there are birds, too!aullwood audubon center IMG_7468 I must have seen 10 different kinds in the short time I was there. aullwood audubon center IMG_7472Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm has walking trails and bird watching, and the Discovery Center is just amazing. I can’t wait to go back! It gets the Mr. Pish Approved Stamp for sure!

For more information on Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Carillon Park & the Wright Brothers Aviation Center in Dayton, Ohio.

Carillon Park kept me interested for hours!  I got to see lots of Dayton history, including the Wright Brothers, many other cool inventions, and lots more! Carillon Historical Park IMG_8006This is the Newcomb Tavern. It was built in 1796!!newcomb tavern IMG_7994Did you know that the Wright Brothers were from Dayton, Ohio?
Can you believe they actually got this plane to fly? I don’t think I’m that brave!wright brothers plane IMG_8009This house was built out of limestone back in 1815. carillon historical park IMG_7996Does anyone know what time it is by any chance? carillon historical park IMG_8020Can you imagine if your mail carrier delivered your mail in this?! Carillon Historical Park IMG_8026

I enjoyed stepping back in time at Carillon Park! I even got to pretend I was helping the Wright Brothers invent their planes.  Now that’s super cool and Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Carillon Historical Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to U. S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Talk about fun!  You can hike or bike or climb or paddle! There’s so much to do here, I don’t know where to start!U.S. National Whitewater Center wwIMG_8542

This rafting course is all man-made.  Our Olympic athletes train here!U.S. National Whitewater Center wwIMG_8520Here is part of the course.  You can rent kayaks here too! U.S. National Whitewater Center wwIMG_8530Or you can climb their really cool rock wall!U.S. National Whitewater Center wwIMG_8527

Make sure to stop in at the Visitors’ Center! I got to sit in a kayak there! U.S. National Whitewater Center wwIMG_8540

When I visited, the water wasn’t running. U. S. Whitewater Center wwIMG_8533

But lots of people were walking and biking the trails around the park!

I had a great time exploring the U.S. National Whitewater Center.  It was fun walking where Olympic athletes had been!  There’s so much to do here, come on down and get outside!  My favorite part is that pets are welcome!
It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on U.S. National Whitewater Center, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Clayton Lake State Park in Clayton, New Mexico.

At Clayton Lake State Park you can see ancient dinosaur tracks!
There are over 500 of them recorded here!Clayton Lake State Park CLIMG_0096

You can go for a nice walk around the reservoir.clayton lake state park CLIMG_0077That will lead you to the Dinosaur Trackway!!!!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0095Look at the size of that fossilized dinosaur print!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0092

Here’s a whole trail of dinosaur tracks! clayton lake state park CLIMG_0085aIf you look at the hillside, you’ll notice tons of lava rocks from a volcano!clayton lake state park CLIMG_0079

There’s lots to do at Clayton Lake State Park: fishing, hiking, bird watching, boating and of course discovering dinosaur tracks! My favorite part is that pets are welcome! Clayton Lake State Park is definitely Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Clayton Lake State Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Swan Park in Monticello, Minnesota.

When I opened the car door I could hear what sounded like hundreds of horns being blown!  Then when I walked down to the water, I can’t believe what I saw – no horns, just hundreds of swans!!

You can watch my special video about Swan Park here.

There were so many Trumpeter Swans, so close together!swanpark2It was pretty cold – steam was rising off the water.swanpark1

Come on down to Swan Park! Make sure you check the web site for the dates the swans are there, and make sure to bring your jacket!

Swan Park is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Swan Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana.

There’s lots to do at Wolf Park!  You can watch the wolves play, take pictures and learn things from wolf experts!pookie wolf parkWow.  What a pretty wolf!wolf park IMG_7881Wolves play a lot like dogs do.  Sometimes they’ll run and chase and jump like I do!wolf park IMG_7900I even got to see them roll around & howl.  It was fun watching them!wolf park IMG_7889Click on the howling wolf below to watch a quick video of wolves at Wolf Park.  I wonder if I can learn to howl like that?

Wolf Park is a special place to go for a nice walk and watch wolves.

I learned how to tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote, and lots of other important things about wolves.

Wolf Park is Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Wolf Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Shields-Ethridge Farm in Jefferson, Georgia.

There’s a whole different world to discover at Shields-Ethridge Farm!  This farm became its own village in the 1900s. There are lots of cool things to look at!

This is the cotton gin!shields-ethridge farm IMG_8734 Inside the cotton gin!shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8732There are lots of neat farming implements to check out!shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8719The teacher’s residence.shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8737I bet this huge oak tree gives a lot of shade during the summer!   shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8740

There’s over 150 acres to explore here at the farm.  All the buildings are original and in their original location!  What a great way to spend time outside!

It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Shields-Ethridge Farm, click here.Mr Pish Approved


Welcome to Stockmar Park in Villa Rica, Georgia.

Stockmar Park is so much fun!  I looked for gold, explored the gold mine ruins and I even got to meet an ox!stockmar park IMG_8875These ruins are what’s left of the gold mine from the 1800s!village ruins at stockmar IMG_8862Now I know that’s NOT a cow!stockmar park IMG_8869I got to meet all sorts of neat farm animals here!stockmar park IMG_8872Hmmm.  Those rocks are awfully sparkly. Do you think that’s gold??? stockmar park IMG_8856Stockmar Park has lots of fun things to do inside and out.  If you walk around outside it’s free.  But the museum is cool too.  I really like that pets are welcome!

It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

For more information on Stockmar Park, click here.Mr Pish Approved