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Welcome to McCormick Farm in Steele’s Tavern, Virginia.

McCormick Farm mcIMG_8377I love McCormick Farm!  You can step back in time as you tour historic buildings, see where the grain reaper was invented, walk along the stream and more!McCormick Farm mcIMG_8324The McCormick family took really good care of this place so we could enjoy it today.
These historic buildings were built before 1800!McCormick Farm mcIMG_8331Cyrus McCormick invented the grain reaper.  That meant farmers didn’t have to harvest those crops by hand anymore! What an important invention!McCormick Farm mcIMG_8337There’s a mill here. These are the big gears that turned by water power to grind grain!McCormick Farm mcIMG_8352There are over 600 acres to explore here!McCormick Farm mcIMG_8375For a day’s worth of fun, education and more, come and explore the McCormick Farm! It’s free and pets are welcome! It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

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Welcome to Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

Shelby Farms Park is an amazing place!  There are 4500 acres to explore, and there’s even an off-leash dog park! This is their super cool visitors’ center!Shelby Farms Park IMG_9256They really do have buffalo!Shelby Farms Park IMG_9726Shelby Farms Park IMG_9725You can even adopt a buffalo.  How cool is that?!Shelby Farms Park IMG_9257Shelby Farms Park has so much to do.  You can bike or hike or canoe.  You can watch birds or go fishing or picnic! They even have an awesome new Woodland Discovery Playground! Now that is Mr. Pish Approved for sure!!

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Welcome to Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm in Dayton, Ohio.

At Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, I got to explore inside and out, and discovered so many neat things.
It’s not just about birds! aullwood audubon center IMG_7985

I had a fantastic time in the Discovery Center.Where else could I meet a badger up close?aullwood audubon center IMG_7949Over at the farm, I met so many different animals, including goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and even a cat! aullwood audubon centerIMG_7955And who could forget this handsome fellow?aullwood audubon center IMG_7958Of course, there are birds, too!aullwood audubon center IMG_7468 I must have seen 10 different kinds in the short time I was there. aullwood audubon center IMG_7472Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm has walking trails and bird watching, and the Discovery Center is just amazing. I can’t wait to go back! It gets the Mr. Pish Approved Stamp for sure!

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Welcome to Shields-Ethridge Farm in Jefferson, Georgia.

There’s a whole different world to discover at Shields-Ethridge Farm!  This farm became its own village in the 1900s. There are lots of cool things to look at!

This is the cotton gin!shields-ethridge farm IMG_8734 Inside the cotton gin!shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8732There are lots of neat farming implements to check out!shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8719The teacher’s residence.shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8737I bet this huge oak tree gives a lot of shade during the summer!   shields-ethridge farm  IMG_8740

There’s over 150 acres to explore here at the farm.  All the buildings are original and in their original location!  What a great way to spend time outside!

It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

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Welcome to Stockmar Park in Villa Rica, Georgia.

Stockmar Park is so much fun!  I looked for gold, explored the gold mine ruins and I even got to meet an ox!stockmar park IMG_8875These ruins are what’s left of the gold mine from the 1800s!village ruins at stockmar IMG_8862Now I know that’s NOT a cow!stockmar park IMG_8869I got to meet all sorts of neat farm animals here!stockmar park IMG_8872Hmmm.  Those rocks are awfully sparkly. Do you think that’s gold??? stockmar park IMG_8856Stockmar Park has lots of fun things to do inside and out.  If you walk around outside it’s free.  But the museum is cool too.  I really like that pets are welcome!

It’s Mr. Pish Approved!

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Welcome to Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana.

I didn’t know how much fun dairy could be!  At Fair Oaks Farms you can milk simulated cows, play interactive games, and even watch baby cows being born! Hey! This place is FUN!mr pish with a cow IMG_7847

The big building on the left is filled with cool and fun things to do – and on the right is the birthing barn!fair oak farms IMG_7859This cow is in the birthing barn.  She gets extra care because she is about to have a baby!pregnant cow fair oaks farm IMG_7840This is the cheese factory!  I wasn’t allowed to go in here because they make food.  Will someone please bring me some cheese? cheese factory fair oaks farm IMG_7854I guess I’ll just have to be happy with this empty ice cream dish!mr pish at fair oaks farms IMG_7866Food, fun and learning all in one place? It’s an awesome time at Fair Oaks Farms!
I’m happy to say Fair Oaks Farms is Mr. Pish Approved!

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